Inspirational Stories With Remarkable Stories

Our Heroes offer an array of public speaking services to suit your next event:
1. Keynote speaker
2. Forum panelist/moderator
3. Trainer (full-day or half-day)
4. Brand ambassador
5. Event emcee

Specialized topics


Resilience in life and at the workplace is an important but often overlooked subject. Empower your audience through keynote speeches, forums and training programs on Resilience, delivered by our Heroes.

Health & Well Being

Physical and mental health are intertwined. Both are equally vital in living a fulfilling life, but why do we tend to ignore our body and mind? Through their stories, our Heroes deliver powerful wake-up calls for your audience on the importance of a healthy well-being.


Setting a purpose, whether for your career or self-growth, can be a daunting task. Invigorate’s motivational speakers will inspire you to start the journey of finding your big “Why” and taking action on your passion.


Human connection can be delicate and complex, and through our Heroes’ real-life stories, be inspired by the lessons touching on parenting, friendships, colleagues and family life.ed above.​

*Reach out to us if your event requires a topic that isn’t listed above. We would be more than happy to accommodate!